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Step 1

De-Identified Data to Exact Predictions

Our accurate AI Health Models do not reside on your network or need direct access to your databases. Our AI architecture was built by world experts to eliminate pain, security concerns, and other barriers to adoption. We simply take comma-separated data as parameters to our API Machine Learned Model. The parameters are only the data we need to return an answer/insight into the questions that need solving.

Step 2

Return of Answers in Standard Health Format

Our Cloud-based API takes your non-identifiable employee or patient health data and returns an exact answer in HL7 compliant FHIR format. Here it is clearly rendered as an exact number, grouping, or recommendation to take action on, to load back into EMR/EHR or employee health data stores.

Step 3

Vital Numbers, Probabilities, Groupings Delivered

Exact total risks to the dollar, percent probabilities of events, or groupings are returned from our AI Models trained over millions of records.  You can adjust financial, patient, employee planning action accordingly.  Thousands of actuaries, doctors, and staff writing queries can not match the capability of predictions returned from AI models electronically and mathematically.