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Med Auditor

Actionable AI predictions involving patients for Healthcare Providers.

Predicting Risk

You can more accurately predict risk and readmission timing for a patient by leveraging AI.

Maximize Revenue

Accurately select the proper payer reimbursable procedure codes for reimbursement at scale with AI.

Improved Outcomes

Deterministically accurate ordering of patient who require treatment powered by AI.

Early Interventions

Improved outcomes with early interventions.


The hospitals in the United States lose approximately 5% of their revenue due to improper coding of reimbursable procedures and claims. Readmissions are costing healthcare providers up to 3% per patient.  Without proper insight into valuable data, the cost can be enormous.

Our Solution

Med Auditor models have learned the proper reimbursable procedures (CPT Codes) for each patient diagnosis (ICD-10 Code). Our models can detect improper or fraudulent claims and reimbursements which gives saving back to the health care providers. We predict individual encounters, routine, chronic, and new illness for patients, enabling exact predictions of readmissions that give back lost revenue and creates better outcomes.

Exact AI Predictions
Invaluable Insights

Med Auditor offers predictive models for individual appointments, encounters, doctor notifications, population health, referrals and leakage. Stop relying on techniques that are costing your organization money and start trusting in the data that up until now you haven’t been able to put to work on your behalf. Med Auditor is backed by proven leaders in the healthcare and technology industries.