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Insure Auditor

Accurate AI predictions for Insurance Providers

Predicting Risk

You can more accurately predict risk and proper price levels

Managing Resources

Keep exact resource levels to match the accurately predicted risk of your customers

Improper Claims

Reclaim percentage of your revenue lost to improper and fraudulent health claims

Maximize Revenue

Invaluable AI data allows for creating improved cost outcomes to maximum revenue


Insurance providers have a challenge in dealing with claims processing and workflow. According to McKinsey, as many as eight out of ten claims are flagged as unusual. That means up to 80% of all claims must be reviewed by adjusters, which creates a time-consuming effort. Tracking real-time insight on your data, members’ health information, stop-loss coverage and healthcare costs for an insurance provider is an arduous and costly process.

Our Solution

InsureAuditor Machine Learning and AI can give exact predictions that insurance providers need to understand their overall risk in healthcare claims, out of pocket expenses, overages, exact stop-loss levels, and improper or fraudulent claims. We uniquely predict routine, chronic disease, and new illness claims by your members based on behavior, coverage level, and learned intelligence. The resulting insights, monthly predictions, and understanding of your overall risk and costs are invaluable. Gaining competitive pricing that gives value to your customers in real-time metrics.

Exact AI Predictions
Invaluable Insights

Insure Auditor offers predictive models for overall risk assessment, claims management, stop loss levels and cost containment. Stop relying on techniques that are costing your organization money and start trusting in the data that up until now you haven't been able to put to work on your behalf. Insure Auditor is backed by proven leaders in the healthcare and technology industries.

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